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Aqua Clear Engineering, Inc. (ACE) is an industrial water treatment firm that is dedicated to providing the most advanced water treatment technology, service and chemicals. We specialize in providing custom designed water treatment programs for boiler, cooling, and process water systems along with full service water treatment programs designed to minimize our customers' handling and labor.

ACE has the expertise and commitment to help solve virtually any water-related problem. We utilize modern and comprehensive Electronic Field Service Reports emailed upon the completion of each service visit, maximizing communication to our customers. Our field representatives are well-trained and backed by some of the most experienced water treatment specialists in the business. Our Total System Approach allows us to provide custom water treatment solutions that will make a bottom line difference to your operation.


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ACE High Cycle program

Full Service Maintenance Agreements with regular on-site service visits



System Analysis, Strategy, & Design


State of the Art water treatment chemicals


Corrosion Test Studies

On-site digital Log reporting system

Around the clock system remote monitoring

Equipment inspections


Tower and Chiller epoxy coating service

Tower rebuild service

Water treatment consultation

Biological testing (including Legionella)

Full line of High Efficiency Water Softeners


Unmatched system protection

Digital Service Reports (Paperless) emailed & stored in cloud

Tower, boiler and chiller chemical descaling

Aqua Clear Engineering, Inc

Home: Services

Aqua Clear Engineering Systems optimize energy and water efficiencies while minimizing the environmental impact of cooling towers.

Specializing in not only protecting the equipment, but also the environment. Our chemicals and technology are tailored to each customer to provide the highest level of protection while conserving energy and water.

Customers rave about our Full Service programs that take the work out of the hands of our customers. There are no chemical handling or safety concerns.  


High Cycle Technology is capable of removing hardness to less than 0.5 ppm and provides corrosion protection at high TDS (10,000 – 150,00 ppm TDS). A high TDS prohibits growth of pathogens and biological agents. These benefits help protect cooling towers and piping from scale deposits and corrosion. Chemical usage is also reduced, resulting in significant cost savings when compared to older, traditional competing technologies.

   Additional Benefits

  • Go GREEN 

  • Save money

  • Conserve valuable resources

  • Less downtime means more productivity

  • No Water Treatment specialist to manage 

  • Security

  • Safety

  • Growth management

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Peace of mind

  • More LEED point potential >LEED NC WE 2.0 & 3.0 > LEED EBOM WE 4.1 & 4.2



 ACE Water Treatment Racks (WTR)
Aqua Clear is now offering our exclusive Water Treatment Rack (WTR) for sale and lease. These High Tech Complete water treatment racks offer dual biocide, dual scale/corrosion inhibitors, top of the line conductivity controller, motorized bleed valve, chemical pump, tank, feeders, and remote monitoring all built on a powder coated steel rack. We offer the WTR's for purchase or wrap them up in the monthly service for full warranty for the length of the service and low monthly payments. These racks have a small footprint yet deliver the best chemical water treatment available.


ACE Digital Field Service Report Program (FSR)

Aqua Clear is proud to announce the launch of ACE Digital Field Service Reports (FSR). FSRs are emailed directly to the customer the minute service is completed. Keep up-to-date on the performance of your system with the complete tracking capabilities of the FSR. Whether it is the average cycles, chemical use, or any other parameter you wish, Aqua Clear can prepare reports to fit your needs. All Reports are stored in a Free Cloud-based file folder that offers each customer 24/7 access. Imagine having up-to-date digital pictures at any time to actually see the condition of your system. Also great for personnel who are not on-site.

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