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Terms for Equipment Sales and Service:


1. Net 30 

2. Jobs of $10,000 or more, a 50% payment of total costs with confirming Purchase Order or signed quote required before equipment order or commencement of work. 

3. Remaining final payment of total amount including applicable sales tax total due net 30 days.

4. Charges over 30 days of invoice date will be subject to maximum monthly interest rate allowed by law. Accounts placed for collections will be charged reasonable attorney, collections, and court costs incurred by Triton Water.

5. DEFAULT: In the event the customer fails to make payment when due, Triton Water Technologies shall be entitled to any legal expenses and costs that may be incurred due to default/in addition to charges and interest owed.

6. The parties shall indemnify and hold harmless the other, including its employees, officers, directors, agents, consultants, contractors, and representatives, from and against all liability and damages which is caused by or directly attributable to the fault, failure, error, omission, negligent, or wrongful act of the other party.

8. Neither party shall be liable for damages if such party’s performance or ability to perform is the result of an Uncontrollable Circumstance.

9. In no event shall the parties be liable to each other, and each party specifically waives as against the other, any and all claims for consequential, incidental, indirect, special or punitive damages resulting in any way from performance or non performance of this Agreement, whether such damages are characterized as arising under breach of contract or warranty, tort (including negligence), fault, strict liability, indemnity, or any other theory of legal liability.

10. Manufacturer’s warranty for parts and materials will be extended to Customer.

11. If a dispute between the parties arises out of, or relates to this Agreement, which does not involve claims made by or asserted against third parties, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the Parties will try to resolve the dispute by non-binding medication, through a mutually agreed upon dispute resolution agency.

12. “Uncontrollable Circumstance” means any act, event, condition, or circumstance that (1) is beyond the reasonable control of Triton Water, (2) by itself or in combination with other acts, events, conditions, or circumstances adversely affects, interferes with or delays Triton Water’s ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement, expands the scope of Triton Water’s obligations under this Agreement, or increases Triton Water’s cost of performing its obligations under this Agreement, and (3) is not the direct result of the willful or negligent act, intentional misconduct, failure to exercise proper due diligence, or breach of this Agreement by Triton Water.

Warranties and Exclusions


1. One Year Warranty on all parts only as provided for, by and through the manufacturer limited to their terms, conditions, limitations, and solely at their discretion and interpretation.

2. 90 Day Labor Warranty provided by Triton Water Technologies limited to the repair or replacement of defective materials or workmanship actually furnished and installed by Triton Water Technologies’ parts of this quote. Manufacturer’s warranty is in full effect.



This proposal remains valid for thirty (30) days from quote date unless otherwise indicated.

For all orders pricing excludes installation, electrical and piping unless listed or noted.

The above price does not include the following (if applicable) Taxes, special inspections and/or permits.

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